Second Edition of Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Book Released

Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern-188x300After having so much success with the original Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Book released in black and white for paperback and Kindle, I have finally released the book in paperback with color photos. It’s been a long time coming but I had a reason for waiting so long to release this 2nd edition.

I know there are so many people out there who have “write a book” on their buckets lists that I wanted to document the process of uploading the cover and files to CreateSpace, so that I could teach you how to do the same for your books.

So, in addition to finally updating the Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Book, my “Self Publishing Classes” will be more detailed to help new would be authors.  The class schedules, times and cost will be announced on my personal blog




I would like to address a few things concerning the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Book that people have asked me about over the years.

  • The templates are not to scale in the paperback book on Amazon, as it is a 6″ x 9″ book but I will, however, send a full size PDF file of the template to you after your purchase.  The instructions to do this are in the book.
  • I cannot guarantee that even the PDF templates will print to scale as there are so many different printers on the market but I have written on the template page what sizes the templates should be when printed.
  • This pattern is a forgiving pattern and can be made by hand, machine or a combination of both.  The arcs are adhered to the background fabric in any way you decide which is what makes this “your” quilt because you choose how to put it together.This technique is made to be sewn together, block-by-block and can be adapted to the “quilt as you go” method.
  • Lastly, in addition to earning royalties from my book, I will also receive commission if you purchase supplies through my links.  I make no secret about this.  I do have a business to run and affiliate commissions are a part of my monthly income.


I do hope you enjoy the 2nd edition of this Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern technique.


If you have made a quilt using my technique, I would love to show pictures of your quilt and you on this blog.  Send me pictures of you and your quilt and your experiences in working with this technique.  Email me at;


arrow5-aPlease share with your friends and associates on all of your social media sites. It will be greatly appreciated.





2 thoughts on “Second Edition of Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Book Released

  1. I just received my easy double wedding ring 2nd ed.
    I could not find the first edition. Reading thought this one
    I’m not sure if I like it. I am very disappointed that the full
    Scale templates were not included. Now I have to take any other step to get it.!!!!!!!
    Please tell me how.
    Hank you

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