Quilts – The Double Wedding Ring

Quilts – The Double Wedding Ring


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The Double Wedding Ring quilt is one of the most beloved and popular quilts of all time. It is also one of the most detailed, frustrating and time consuming quilt pattern you will ever attempt to make but the effort is well worth it in the end.

Most quilts in the past were made from old worn out clothes to make blankets for warmth in the winter. Our ancestors did not have the privilege as we do today to go to a store and pick out exactly what fabric they wanted; be it choice of color or print. The “utility” quilts as they were referred to needed to be made fast and quick with the fabric they had on hand.

The Double Wedding Ring quilt was usually made as a “special” quilt for a wedding or anniversary.

As the years progressed and interest in quilting has escalated, a lot of the older patterns have become popular again.

I believe the Double Wedding Ring pattern has never lost its’ popularity. I think most quilters feel intimidated and overwhelmed at the thought of the thousands of pieces and time involved in making a Double Wedding Ring quilt.

Because of the bias of the fabric (stretching) pieces when cut, the curved piecing, the extra time in pinning each section and the importance of accuracy in the cutting and sewing, this is certainly not a quilt pattern that a beginner should attempt. Even experienced quilters sometimes shy away from this pattern and some tackle it as a challenge.


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With the introduction of rotary cutters, strip piecing, cutting mats, acrylic templates and so many other helpful quilting tools that are available now, the process of making the Double Wedding Ring quilt and almost any quilt is much easier and faster than ever before.

Quilts are treasured items that are made with much love and devotion to the craft whether they are made entirely by hand, by sewing machine or a combination of the two. Also, quilts are special remembrances from our loved ones before us to be cherished and passed down through the family from generation to generation.


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Quilts – The Double Wedding Ring

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