Fabric Bowls and Other Projects

Fabric Bowls and Other Projects

If you have been quilting for very long or just a beginner, you are probably starting to accumulate lots of scraps, leftovers and strips.  It is so hard for us as quilters to waste any piece of fabric, no matter how big or small it is.

One project I have found that is easy and fun to make and uses up those scraps is to make fabric baskets and/or bowls.  There are so many possibilities with this project, your creative mind can make whatever you want.

its_a_wrapMake fabric baskets and bowls by wrapping your scrap fabric around cotton clothesline and then forming the fabric coil into whatever you have come up with in your vision.

I started with this book by making just a small bowl to throw those small things you have lying around on your desk or nightstand that seem to get lost very easily.

The cost is minimal to get started.  Basically you already have your scraps, if not, Walmart usually has a $1.00 per yard fabric table that is just perfect for this project; use old clothes, old T-shirts (a little tricky with stretching) or any fabric you have around the house that you just cannot seem to find a place for it.

You can purchase the clothesline also at Walmart or your local Dollar Store.  If you have a basic sewing machine that has a zig-zag stitch on it, you are good to go.  I recommend using a denim needle in your sewing machine.

Start wrapping your 1 inch fabric strips around the clothesline and keep going until you have enough to start forming the bottom of your project and start sewing together with your sewing machine.

Below is a short video presented by “whimzeestitches” on YouTube showing you how to do the wrapping process.

Of course as you learn the craft and the more you do it, you will develop your own style as you begin to work with wrapping the fabric and what works best for you.  Some people do all the wrapping first and then sew.  Some people do the wrapping as they sew.  It’s entirely up to you. Try both ways and see what you are more comfortable with.

So now that you have your fabric wrapped around yards and yards of clothesline, what do you do with it?  This next video is about 4 minutes with no speaking, just music but it actually shows close up video of the sewing process and how to start developing the sides of your bowl or basket.

When you first look at starting this project, it seems much harder than it really is.  If you are a visual person, like I am, these videos will help you tremendously in getting started using those scraps and create more beautiful things for your home and/or gifts.

Susan Breier has written 2 books with lots of different ideas from making purses and/or handbags, along with bowls, baskets and much more.

Why don’t you give it a try and share your work with us here?


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