DoubleWeddingRingQuilts.com-MonnaEllithorpeIn 1985 I worked with a lady who is now a very dear friend, Marie and she was always working on some kind of sewing project (i.e. sewing, quilting, or crocheting) on our breaks or any minute of spare time that she had.  I would sit and watch her and watching her quilt interested me more than anything.

The more I watched her and asked questions, the more I liked the idea of cutting out those pieces and putting back them back together like “puzzle pieces” to make something completely different and I decided I could do that.  Of course with much help and encouragement from Marie, I set out to work on my first quilt, which turned out to be a Card Tricks quilt.  She didn’t have the heart to tell me I was crazy for picking that as my first project.

In 1985, methods such as “strip piecing”, “half square triangles” and short-cut methods were still yet to come to quilting.  In fact, rotary cutting was just becoming a new trend for quicker cutting, which brings me to the reason for this book…a quicker method to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt.

For years I wanted to make a Double Wedding ring quilt.  I tried many different patterns and used all the hints and tips that were out there to make the quilt without success.  I thought there had to be an easier and faster way to do this.  Everyone else had a “short-cut” method to speed up the piecing process, so why not this particular pattern?   The traditional way is a tried and true method that will never be obsolete for some people but the curved piecing is just not for me.

I hope you enjoy this Book, find it helpful and inspiring.  I wish you much success in making your own Double Wedding ring quilt.


Monna Ellithorpe | monnaellithorpe@gmail.com


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    • Hi Lesly, Thank you very much for visiting and complimenting. The DWR quilt is one of the most beautiful patterns to make but also the most irritating and frustrating. This has been one of my long-standing online projects since 2003.

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